Fargo - ID Card Printers

Fargo Id Card Printer is used in all organizations , educational institution and banks to print cards for authorization, identification and for other users . Fargo Id Card Printer is famous for securing card printer and identity system.

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Fargo C50 ID Card Printer

Fargo C50 card printer is reliable and simple with a reasonable price, this card is used in Personalized IDís for loyalty cards , membership , visitor badges for school.

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DTC1250e ID Card Printer / Encoder

This Fargo Printer is well known in school and small businesses and it is the fastest printer, which can be produce on demand with full color print and with secure credentials.

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DTC4500e ID Card Printer/Encoder

Fargo DTC4500 is the printer that is used for medium-to-large size schools, organizations and government institutions looking for long term solutions.

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Fargo HDP5000 Card Printer / Encoder

This Fargo Printer is one of the most versatile, it is easy to use and produces card in High definition with the best image quality. Fargo HDP5000 will provide greater security , good quality and higher durability and reliability to the photo ID Card.

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FARGO HDP8500 Industrial Card Printer / Encoder

Fargo HDP8500 industrial card printer is suitable for government ID card program and also for the laborious service bureau. The internal components such as solid metal create a stable printer environment that runs continuously.

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