Electronic Signature Pads


ePad® This type of electronic signature pads is low in price for any environment. This Type of Electronics offers plug ins for Excel , Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat.

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ePad 2

ePad II™ It is an upgraded ePadLink’s electronic signature device , which is for high performance applications. EPAD 2 offers plug ins for Excel , Outlook and Adobe Acrobat.

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ePad - Ink

ePad-ink™ is used to capture electronic signature , LCD screen lights up when eSignature is applied, the interactive feedback provides user experience. EPAD Ink is one of the best in eSignature Solution , which is portable and ergonomic.

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ePad - Vision

EPAD Vision is the latest addition to the ePad family , it is legally binding eSignatures , secure , full color LCD screen which display unique text and visual images , that attract and help customer.

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