Cards & Credentials

Waz International offers industry’s broadest range of smart cards like contact chip cards , MIFARE cards , tags and many more. It delivers a secure solution of credentials and smart ID cards in a variety of logical access control and physical.

Adhesive Cards

Adhesive cards are made from PVC materials, it has shiny feature in the front of card and has an adhesive mylar at the back of the card.

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UHF Cards

UHF cards are used for transaction, to control warehouse, unlock a smart shipping container.

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Contact Chip Cards

The memory chips of these cards can be read or encoded with chip contacts. Along with it, they contain a microprocessor, a co-processor, a RAM and an EEPROM as well.

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Mifare Cards

These cards are compatible with the upcoming MIFARE DESFire EV1 technology and its applications and ensure improvement in security. They are also available with HID Prox providing backward compatibility with the existing security solutions.

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PET Cards

PET cards from Waz International are made up of biodegradable substances, and are lightweight in nature. They are resistant to be torn out and are also waterproof, durable as well as reliable.

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PVC Cards

PVC cards, from Waz International being tough and non flexible, form the basis of all ID cards, and credit cards. They are approved by ISO and are used by all large organizations.

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